Human Testimonials

  • Instagram Influencer @supercorgi_jojo loves his digital portrait by Sketch and Paws!

    Super Corgi JoJo
  • OMD! Sketchery
  • Toby
  • House Dogge
  • This is Katie from Wahlburgers. Congratulations – you have been selected as one of our winners in our Get to Know Your Customers Day promotion! We absolutely love the sketch of Lumpy you sent in!

  • Andrew’s father got a special gift-an art print of his beloved Jack Russell Terrier, who has been his buddy for the last decade.  Custom dog sketches make the perfect gift for friends and family!

    Oh my gosh, Whitney this is great! Thank you so much! 


  • Matt commissioned Whitney to create a custom digital dog sketch of a friend’s dog, Moka, who had passed on.  To be able to remember a loved one is so important and through Sketch and Paws, we are honored to be able to assist.

    Holy…s**t, Whitney!!
    Moka was a great friend of mine as well and I can tell you:
    You CRUSHED this one!!
    Breaking contact til tomorrow AM so I can stare at what you’ve created and feel the multitude of rare emotions that are associated with seeing her again.  Alive, once again.
    Thank you so much, Whit!! 


  • Summer’s two cute Chihuahuas wore their Run DMC Halloween costumes for their sketch.


    I love it!!! Thank you so much! 




  • Daniel’s family dogs, Kaiser, Magee, Leonardo and Magnus, were brought to digital life by Whitney’s creative genius.

    These are so awesome and perfect!!!