About Us

About Us

Sketch and Paws, an online boutique featuring all types of illustrated dog-themed gifts, began with one sketch of one fabulous set of paws. Those paws belonged to Coaly, the beloved Great Dane that was memorialized in the original Sketch and Paws logo. Coaly’s person, digital artist Whitney Niesz, currently raises two Great Danes, Olive and Odin, while creating new products to expand the rebranded Sketch and Paws storefront.

Sketch and Paws’ first book, Dog Breed ABC’s, sold through its first printing; it was written by Melinda George, designed by Jess Caskey, and featured illustrations by Whitney Niesz. Whitney followed that up with an all-season, dog-themed greeting card line. Harper, Whitney’s toddler daughter, inspired her to create ABC flashcards, a playful learning tool that weaves together alphabet practice and fun facts about dog breeds. Toys, prints, gifts, and custom sketches of custom dogs are also part of the pack at Sketch and Paws.

Our Mission and Promise To You

Sketch and Paws is dedicated to strengthening the bonds between people of all ages and dogs of all breeds, through whimsical art, gifts, and learning tools that are both fascinating and fun.

We are committed to giving back to animals in need through our fundraising initiative, Sketch and Paws for a Cause. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations with quality products, competitive prices, fast delivery, and responsive customer service.

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