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 Meet Whitney

olive and odin

Sketch and Paws started when owner, Whitney Niesz wanted to create an art piece for her home of her dog Coaly, who happens to be a beautiful Great Dane (she is the dog in the company logo). Whitney is inspired by large format printing and modern style artwork but couldn’t find a dog sketch she wanted to order on Etsy or other art sites. After showing a friend her finished digital design of Coaly, more people wanted them of their dogs.  Sketch and Paws was then born and now Whitney is drawing digital dog sketch of dogs all over the world.  Coaly passed away in 2019 and will always be remembered and loved.  Olive and Odin, brother and sister Great Danes pictured above, recently joined Whitney’s family.  They are rascals and growing quickly!

Meet Melinda


Sketch and Paws Top Dog/Business Manager, Melinda George, is Thor’s human. Thor was the runt of the litter, rescued from a stable in Shanghai, China and brought home to the US. Though skittish around other dogs, Thor brings endless joy and loves wearing his goggles to ride in the roadster with his fur mom.

Whitney & Melinda-Friends & Partners

Whitney and Melinda 2019

Thank you for putting your trust in Sketch and Paws, your one stop shop for celebrating our furry friends who bring us so much joy every day. We love what we do. Friends for years, the passion we both share for dogs has inspired us to collaborate on Sketch and Paws. Whitney is the Talent who can create original digital dog sketches to give every home or business a memorable art piece. Melinda is Top Dog/Business Manager and, with experience in retail buying and store management, will ensure that Sketch and Paws delivers world class products and service to our customers.

New Projects

Whitney and I are working on several new projects for 2019 including publishing our first book, Dog Breed ABC’s, that will help that pre-kindergarten crowd learn their ABC’s AND dog breeds. Win-win! Sketch and Paws’ hipster vizsla portrait was featured on the cover of Boise Weekly on April 17, 2019, reaching their audience of 250,000+ readers.  We hope to continue to share Sketch and Paws original designs through various social media outlets in the coming year.  Our Instagram followers hit 2,000-we love providing daily smiles to our friends.

Our Mission And Promise To You

Our mission is to provide you with the highest-quality products and services possible in a timely fashion and at a competitive price. We are committed to giving back to animals in need through Sketch and Paws for a Cause. We welcome your feedback and promise to provide quick, friendly customer service. Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations.  Always.